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International, Intergard 405
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International, Intergard 405

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Intergard® 405 is a two component epoxy sealer coat, pigmented with micaceous iron oxide.... mehr

Intergard® 405 is a two component epoxy sealer coat, pigmented with micaceous iron oxide. Formulated on proprietary polymer technology, which provides rapid cure and overcoating, even at low temperatures.


Intended uses

To provide efficient sealing of zinc silicate primers in order to prevent pinholing of subsequent topcoats. Can also be used for sealing zinc and aluminium metal spray either as a single coat system or prior to overcoating with a suitable topcoat where required.

Intergard 405 is suitable for use as part of a coating system in a range of highly corrosive environments, including offshore structures, petrochemical and chemical plants, bridges, refineries, pulp and paper plants and power stations.


Product information

Colour Red Oxide
Gloss Level Matt
Volume Solids 38%
Typical Film Thickness 25 microns (1 mils) dry equivalent to 66 microns (2.6 mils) wet
Theoretical Coverage 15.20 m²/litre at 25 microns d.f.t and stated volume solids
Practical Coverage Allow appropriate loss factors
Method of Application Airless Spray, Air Spray, Brush, Roller
Safety information
Flash Point (Typical) Part A 25°C
Part B 24°C
Mixed 24°C
VOC-EU 406 g/kg¹

¹ EU Solvent Emissions Directive (Council Directive 1999/13/EC)


Drying Information

Surface Temperature 5 °C 15 °C 25 °C 40 °C
Touch Dry 30 mins 20 mins 15 mins 10 mins
Hard Dry 4 hrs 2 hrs 1.5 hrs 45 mins
Overcoating Intervall, Minimum 4 hrs 2 hrs 1.5 hrs 45 mins


Surface preparations

All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination. Prior to paint application all surfaces should be assessed and treated in accordance with ISO 8504:2000.

Primed Surfaces
Intergard 405 should always be applied over a recommended anti-corrosive coating scheme. The primer surface should be dry and free from all contamination and Intergard 405 must be applied within the overcoating intervals specified (consult the relevant product data sheet).

Areas of breakdown, damage etc., should be prepared to the specified standard (e.g. Sa2½ (ISO 8501-1:2007) or SSPC-SP6, Abrasive Blasting, or SSPC-SP11, Power Tool Cleaning) and patch primed prior to the application of Intergard 405.

Metallic Zinc Primed Surfaces
In the case of zinc primers, where necessary, remove weld spatter, smooth weld seams and sharp edges and blast clean welds and damaged primer to Sa2½ (ISO 8501-1:2007) or SSPC-SP6. The shop primer or other primer surface should be dry and free of all contamination (oil, grease, salt etc) and overcoated with Intergard 405 within the overcoating intervals specified for the primer (consult the relevant product data sheet).

Ensure that the zinc primer has fully cured and is clean, dry and free from zinc salts prior to overcoating.



Mixing Material is supplied in two containers as a unit. Always mix a complete unit in the proportions supplied. Once the unit has been mixed it must be used within the working pot life specified.
(1) Agitate Base (Part A) with power agitator.
(2) Combine entire contents of Curing Agent (Part B) with Base (Part A) and mix thoroughly with power agitator.
Mix Ratio 1.5 volume(s) Part A to 1 volume(s) Part B
Working Pot Life 5 °C - 16 hrs
15 °C - 10 hrs
25 °C 5 hrs
40 °C - 3 hrs
Airless Spray Recommended
Tip Range 0.38-0.53 mm (15-21 thou)
Total output fluid pressure at spray tip not less than 127 kg/cm² (1806 p.s.i.)
Air Spray
(Pressure Pot)
Gun: DeVilbiss MBC or JGA
Air Cap: 704 or 765
Fluid Tip: E
Air Spray
Use suitable proprietary equipment
Brush Suitable - small areas only
Roller Suitable - small areas only
Thinner International GTA220
Do not thin more than allowed by local environmental legislation.
Cleaner International GTA822
Work Stoppages Do not allow material to remain in hoses, gun or spray equipment. Thoroughly flush all equipment with International GTA822. Once units of paint have been mixed they should not be resealed and it is advised that after prolonged stoppages work recommences with freshly mixed units.
Clean Up Clean all equipment immediately after use with International GTA822. It is good working practice to periodically flush out spray equipment during the course of the working day. Frequency of cleaning will depend upon amount sprayed, temperature and elapsed time, including any delays.

All surplus materials and empty containers should be disposed of in accordance with appropriate regional regulations/legislation.


Product Characteristics

Intergard 405 is formulated at a viscosity suitable for penetration and efficient sealing of freshly applied zinc silicates such as Interzinc 12 and Interzinc 22. It is also suitable as a travel or weathering coat for zinc epoxy primers.

This product must only be thinned using recommended International GTA220 thinners. The use of alternative thinners, particularly those containing ketones, can severely inhibit the curing mechanism of the coating.

Best results will be achieved at temperatures above 0°C (32°F).

Over-application will result in sagging as Intergard 405 has been designed to give maximum flow characteristics.

Excessive film thickness may lead to splitting of the film when overcoated with high build systems.

Intergard 405 is not designed as a blast holding primer and when used in such circumstances is unlikely to give long term corrosion protection. Intergard 269, Intergard 251 or Intercure 200 are preferred alternatives in these circumstances.

Intergard 405 has been specifically designed to provide superior properties of curing flow in order to provide efficient sealing of zinc silicate primers at temperatures less than 10ºC (50ºF).

Intergard 405 can also be used over zinc or aluminium metal spray to seal off any porosity and ensure maximum corrosion life.

When applying Intergard 405 in confined spaces ensure adequate ventilation.

In common with all epoxies Intergard 405 will chalk and discolour on exterior exposure. However, these phenomena are not detrimental to anti-corrosive performance.

This product is frequently used as a 'travel coat' prior to final overcoating on site. To ensure best extended overcoating properties ensure over-application does not occur and that the surface is fully cleaned of any contamination which may be present in the surface texture due to the coarse nature of the micaceous iron oxide pigmentation.

Absolute measured adhesion of topcoats to aged Intergard 405 is less than that to fresh material, however, it is adequate for the specified end use.

VOC values are typical and are provided for guidance purpose only. These may be subject to variation depending on factors such as differences in colour and normal manufacturing tolerances.


Systems Compatibility

Intergard 405 is specifically designed for use over the following zinc silicate primers:
• Interzinc 12
• Interzinc 22

It can also be used over the following zinc epoxy primers:
• InterH2O 280
• Interzinc 42
• Interzinc 52
• Interzinc 72
• Interzinc 315

The following topcoats are recommended for Intergard 405:
• Intercure 420
• InterH2O 401
• Interfine 629HS
• Intergard 400
• Intergard 410
• Intergard 475HS
• Intergard 740
• Interseal 670HS
• Interthane 990
• Interzone 505
• Interzone 954

For other suitable primers/topcoats, consult International Protective Coatings.


Additional Information

Further information regarding industry standards, terms and abbreviations used here and in the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) can be found in the following documents available at


Safety Precautions

This product is intended for use only by professional applicators in industrial situations in accordance with the advice given on this sheet, the Material Safety Data Sheet and thecontainer(s), and should not be used without reference to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) which International Protective Coatings has provided to its customers

All work involving the application and use of this product should be performed in compliance with all relevant national, Health, Safety & Environmental standards and regulations.

In the event welding or flame cutting is performed on metal coated with this product, dust and fumes will be emitted which will require the use of appropriate personal protective equipment and adequate local exhaust ventilation.

If in doubt regarding the suitability of use of this product, consult International Protective Coatings for further advice.


Unit size

  Volume (Liters) Pack (Liters)
Intergard® 405 Part A 12 20
Intergard® 405 Part B 8 10



Lifetime at 25 °C

Minimum 12 Month(s)

Subject to re-inspection thereafter. Store in dry, shaded conditions away from sources of heat and ignition.


Diese Angaben stammen aus dem offiziellen Technischen Datenblatt von dem Lackhersteller. Wir übernehmen keine Gewährleistung für die Richtigkeit / fehlerhafte Angaben.
Wir bitten Sie, sich ausschließlich ans Technische Datenblatt des Herstellers zu halten, welches Sie weiter unten als PDF-Download finden.

All information were taken out of the Technical Data Sheet provided by the manufacturer. We don't garantuee the correctness of any information.
Please adhere solely to the Technical Data Sheet provided by the manufacturer which you can download as a PDF-File further below.

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